Launching Deep Reinforcement Learning Class with Hugging Face 🤗

Some of the agents you’ll implement during this course

Hey there👋 it’s Thomas Simonini from Deep Reinforcement Learning Course.
I’m super excited to announce the launch of the new version of the course with Hugging Face 🤗

Deep RL Class, is a free course from beginner to expert, self-paced where you’ll get solid foundations of Deep Reinforcement Learning in theory and practice with hands-on using famous RL libraries such SB3, RL-Baselines3-Zoo, RLlib, CleanRL…

In this free course, you will:

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How does the course work?

We publish one Unit every week, with two parts:

An example of a Trained Agent published on the Hugging Face Hub

The Syllabus 📚

The first three Units are already published, you can check the whole syllabus here (don’t forget to ⭐ the Github Repo 🤗) ➡️

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Unit 1: Introduction to Deep Reinforcement Learning

👩‍💻: Train a Deep Reinforcement Learning lander agent to land correctly on the Moon 🌕 using Stable-Baselines3

Unit 2: Introduction to Q-Learning

👩‍💻: Train an agent to cross a Frozen lake ⛄ and train an autonomous taxi 🚖.

Unit 3: Deep Q-Learning with Space Invaders and Atari Games

👩‍💻: Train a Deep Q-Learning agent to play Space Invaders using RL-Baselines3-Zoo

Back in April 2018, when I launched my first article about Introduction to RL I didn’t know that it would become one of the most-watched RL courses online and a GitHub repository with 3.400 GitHub stars. For that, I want to thank you.

I hope you will like this updated and improved version of the course. This is made for you. As a consequence, I’m always pleased to receive some feedback 📝.

If you want to help us, please like, share, and speak about our course. By sharing our articles and videos you help us to spread the word.

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Keep learning, stay awesome,



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